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The Chaos
Episode 18th September 2021 • The Change Makers • Freshworks X StudioPod Media
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In today’s ever-changing world, what will happen if companies standstill? Their technology will quickly become obsolete, stagnant, and the IT leaders behind it will stall too. In this first episode of Freshworks’ The Changemakers Podcast, we bring you three stories inside different industries, in which the cracks in their systems started to show, and the leaders had to move fast to save their processes by implementing new technology. Join in and get to know Lucy, Colin, and Sumit’s stories driving their companies’ infrastructure into the future. 

Jump straight into:

(00:23) - Lucy Hallam’s work at the NHS: The tediousness of outdated technology and poor automation.

(02:59) - Colin McCarthy, how he went from being the only IT support engineer to holding a Global VP position.

(06:17) - Sumit’s 3-month challenge implementing a help desk platform and growing the Education First platform.

(08:39) - What happened with Lucy?: How fresh management changed everything and an assessment proved her right. 

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