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The One Where We Discuss How To Bounce Back From A Layoff With Melissa Popp
Episode 517th October 2023 • WTSPodcast • Isaline & Areej
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Melissa Popp is the Content Strategy Director at RicketyRoo. She works with clients to create engaging and authoritative content that dominates local search results. In this episode, Melissa shares how she found herself in an unexpected situation when she was laid off from a job she loved due to company-wide downsizing. She wasn't prepared for this sudden change, and the experience left her scrambling for the next opportunity. In her haste and panic, she accepted a job offer that she wasn't entirely sure about. She was thankful for the employment, but as she settled into the role, she realized it wasn't the right fit for her. This experience became a major setback in her career. She discusses how to be prepared for change, how to evaluate the next steps to bounce back aligned with your career goals. We also find out what inspires Melissa and what empowers her to be the brilliant woman she is today.

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