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Dean Kamala Kiem on How to Find your Niche at Clark
Episode 121st August 2023 • Challenge. Change. • Clark University
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College orientation begins with a call to action: Get involved. Students are urged to try as many clubs, organizations, and activities as possible — at Clark, there are more than 120 to explore. As students find their niche, however, it may be difficult to know when to pull back and streamline their lives. 

Kamala Kiem, associate provost for student success and dean of students, has some advice for Clarkies who find themselves in that predicament. “Growing up, my dad told me that sometimes you have to take a step backward to leap forward. Some of the most courageous decisions I've made in life required taking a step backward,” she says. “Knowing your values, knowing your purpose, knowing what you're trying to do in this world are key to discerning how to spend your time.”

Kamala Kiem shares tools to help first-year students explore their identity and passions on campus and in the city of Worcester. 

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