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Dual-Action T Cell Receptor Therapy for Solid Tumours with Katrien Reynders-Frederix of Pan Cancer T
Episode 1424th February 2022 • BioInnovator Spotlight • c/o LifeScience Connect Ltd
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Despite the successes of therapies like Kymriah and Yescarta against blood cancers, solid tumours remain difficult to treat. Finding appropriate molecular targets such as cancer-specific receptors is an ongoing challenge, while the physical environment of a solid tumour also plays a role in suppressing immune responses within it. That said, immunotherapy/cell therapy, like chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) and T cell receptor (TCR) therapies, has shown amazing promise in treating cancer patients where traditional therapies have failed.

Pan Cancer T is a spinout from Erasmus MC Cancer Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They are developing dual-action TCR cell therapies, a next-generation treatment for solid cancer that targets both the tumour and the immunosuppressive environment that they present.

In this episode of BioInnovation Spotlight, Katrien Reynders-Frederix talks about the novel approach to TCR therapy at Pan Cancer T, her personal journey from biology to business, and why she wants to make a difference for patients.

Pan Cancer T was founded by Prof. Reno Debets and Dr Dora Hammerl, and is supported by Thuja Capital, Van Herk Ventures, and Swanbridge Capital.