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Chris Kilham’s 4 top herbs with the most upside
3rd November 2020 • Healthy INSIDER Podcast • Natural Products INSIDER
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ToddCast, Vol. XXV: Known in the trade as The Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham travels the world over and really digs in with indigenous cultures to discover herbal remedies for the Western world—kava and maca being two preeminent herbs that Kilham was there at the start of both. During the COVID downtime, we caught up with Kilham resting comfortably just five miles from North America’s largest organic schisandra farm. Listen in to this podcast with senior editor Todd Runestad as Kilham discusses:

  • As one of the world’s great longevity botanicals, why schisandra berry “really needs its day.”
  • Differentiation among the three great adaptogenic superstars today—ashwagandha, rhodiola, Schisandra—and why an adaptogen virtually unheard-of outside the West may be the “king of kings.”
  • Why the herb with a well-built commercial infrastructure but was beaten down by a questionable safety study a decade ago is nevertheless poised for a return.
  • Is he going to talk about cannabis and CBD? You know he is!