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MPAF73 – Alistair Wickens on Totally Digital Businesses
6th January 2016 • Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast • Roger Edwards interviews great people from Marketing and the world of Finance
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MPAF73 – Alistair Wickens on Totally Digital Businesses

What is a totally digital business?

Certainly not one an "old style" one with a cool website superimposed over the front end.

In this episode I talk to Alistair Wickens who's just transformed his company from a traditional to a totally digital business. A fascinating story, it's both scary and packed with lessons and insights.

Listen to Alistair describe the route taken by Road to Health and what a similar journey might mean for your business.

That's all right here in Episode 73 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast.

Who is Alistair Wickens?

Alistair is Group Chief Executive of Road To Health. They developed Quealth a digital health risk assessment tool underpinned by a proprietary algorithm.

He's recently overseen Road To Health's transformation from a traditional business to a totally digital one. He believes that huge opportunities await financial services companies that make the same brave leap. Procrastination is not an option.

Links and Show Notes.

For links to the books and apps mentioned by Alistair, please visit for the show notes.

What is the Marketing Finance and Protection (MPAF) Podcast?

It’s the Podcast for Financial Services Professionals looking to share business ideas and inspiration in the world of Marketing, Protection and Finance.

The MPAF Podcast is a 30 minute audio show you download from, iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Each week I’ll be interviewing financial services providers, advisers, experts and journalists.

Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill.

The main focus of the podcast is on what we can do to make protection and finance more accessible to the consumer and how financial services professionals can develop and promote their businesses.

We’ll look at financial services products, interesting business models and campaigns with an emphasis on the following:

Marketing – talking about how financial services professionals can develop and promote their businesses using traditional marketing tools but focussing on modern content marketing and social media techniques.

Protection – talking about life insurance, critical illness, income protection and other protection products

Finance – talking about pensions, platforms, savings and investments

My aim is to make sure that you will get one or two big business ideas that you can apply to your own business.  Whether it is a sales idea, advice idea, product tweak or simply an app that is worth looking at.

I’m your host, Roger Edwards.

A marketing guy from Edinburgh I help people like you with your marketing strategy, content and social media. Until I set up my own business I was in and out of senior marketing roles in UK Financial Services Companies for two decades. Some of you might remember me as the Marketing Director and Managing Director of Bright Grey and Scottish Provident.

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Would you be interested in appearing on the MPAF Podcast? Are you working on a new proposition, campaign or a business model you want to talk about? Do you fancy drawing out some inspirational business and marketing ideas that MPAF listeners can take away to use in their own businesses? Do please contact me if you want to get involved.