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Shvembldr - Generative artist series 1/6 - Small time HEN artist to major league platform builder
Episode 1217th August 2021 • Floor is Rising • Floor is Rising Podcast
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This is an 6 episode series on generative artists who we found interesting. 6 artists in total who we found contributes something unique in the current generative art landscape, they span different blockchains/platforms/aesthetics/personal histories.

Episode Notes;

  • Rags to riches story, started off dropping pieces for only $3-$10 per piece in HEN, now his works are selling for $20,000+
  • Parallels to career development in trad art where artists move from smaller galleries to super galleries
  • Comparison between selling individual pieces of a generative algorithm, vs selling the generator itself, Shvembldr has done both.
  • Kizu talks about Picasso's sculptures and how they illustrate a point about current art drops.
  • Sabretooth talks about how the lootbox mechanic in generative art drops bridges the two worlds of collectible NFTs and Fine Art NFTs.

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