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Compulsive Eating, Secret Bingeing and Transformation with Daniel Butcher
Episode 2113th December 2021 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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Dan was an overweight child. From an early age he ate big portions, especially the man-sized breakfasts cooked by his Dad (before school). Dan felt happy, momentarily, when full.

No one ever said, “that’s too much,” or, “you don’t need all that”. He wished they had.

Dan loved competitive sports and still does. He considers it an effective remover of bias gaining self-worth and confidence through sporting prowess. Dan threw himself into everything. Locker-room banter sometimes hurt. Again, no one asked whether his increasing weight was symptomatic of distress. And, again, he wished they had.Dan’s late teens and twenties were challenging. Two jobs, health issues and his younger brother suffering with severe BDD piled on the pressure. Dan continued to binge, secretly, night after night. His weight soared.

But when Dan’s Mum, planning for her wedding and undergoing her own transformation, took Dan to their local ParkRun the light finally switched on.

Dan made small, incremental changes. Cut sugar in tea. Committed to the Park Run. Slowly, and surely regaining control over his behaviours.

Tune in to hear Dan’s inspiring story of how he strives to be a better person and make every second count.


  • [04:00] - Divorce, overweight child
  • [15:40] - Relationship with food
  • [20:10] - Bingeing
  • [33:00] - Dan at his heaviest and how he turned his life around

Listen to Dan's mum Debbie, chat with Jemma in Episode 20, here.


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