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Take Risk, Fail, and Grow with Kristina Bouweiri, President & CEO of Reston Limousine
Episode 224th November 2020 • The NoVA Business Podcast • Jessica Du Bois & Derek Winn
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In this episode, we interview Kristina (Jacobsen) Bouweiri of Reston Limousine

Kristina stands on her own as a force to be reckoned in the Luxury Limo and Transportation Industry for the DC Metro Area. She, along with Reston Limo are the winners of many prestigious awards, including Best Run Companies in Baltimore & DC, Top Women-Owned Businesses in DC, and more. Reston Limo remains the region’s largest luxury transportation provider. The Washington Business Journal named Kristina as one of the 50 most powerful and influential women in Washington.  

In this interview Kristina shares her past, information on the current-state, and her future vision for not only herself and her business, but the region as a whole. Some of the topics include:

  • The impact of growing up across four continents, in a family that was always on the go.
  • The story of how her life came full circle, from serving in a non-profit to empower women in Africa, to eventually leading business seminars helping to empower women at the Global Women’s Business Summit.
  • How she landed at Reston Limousine, and quickly realized she had the skills to market and sell
  • Whether it’s better to be smart, or lucky
  • How the company found early success, but also endured hardship
  • Their transitions from black car services to limos, shuttles, weddings, and more.
  • Why many area vineyards may have Reston Limo to thank for growing their businesses
  • And more

By the late 90’s, the company was firing on all cylinders. During this time, they won every government contract they bid on, but also had work with many of the dot-coms (including Ted Leonsis), propelling them from $200,000 per year in revenue to $5M in this time. When 9/11 hit, the music stopped, and Kristina began to look for alternative revenue streams to keep the business going.

Fast forward to today amid COVID-19, Kristina finds herself in a similar place, however she sees many silver linings, and a brighter future. Christina provides her insights her success, with something for many businesses to learn from.