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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys 15th January 2019
Essential Features of a Successful Membership Sales Page
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Essential Features of a Successful Membership Sales Page

Your membership sales page is perhaps the single most important piece of the puzzle for attracting member signups.

Whether it's a cold lead or someone who has been following you for years - it's your sales page that needs to seal the deal and help them to make the final decision to join your membership.

So it's crucial that you get it right!

In this episode I walk through the key elements that every membership sales page should have in order to maximise new member sales.

Episode Summary:

  • Why you need to zero in on the problems and pain points your potential members have, and how to use that info on your sales page
  • The importance of transparency, particularly when it comes to your membership pricing
  • What "risk reversal" is and why it plays such a big part in crafting an effective sales page
  • Pre-empting your customers questions and overcoming objections that might stop them from joining