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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 48, 9th July 2020
Fighting the Stigma of Mental Health with Oliver Thompson-Smith of the You Wouldn't Know Podcast
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Fighting the Stigma of Mental Health with Oliver Thompson-Smith of the You Wouldn't Know Podcast

Mental health continues to have a great deal of stigma associated with it. Today, I’m talking with Oliver, who is working to confront that stigma and normalize the conversation around mental health. 

After struggling with his own mental health issues, Oliver wanted to provide a space where the conversation around mental health was not something to fear or be embarrassed by. Rather, he provides a safe place for people to open up about their own mental health experiences. 

Oliver also shares with us why he decided to start a podcast, what you can expect from the episodes and his biggest piece of advice for those who may be hesitant to launch their podcast.

We wrap up our conversation talking about his involvement as a mental health advocate with The Mental Health Foundation, and what you can do to help the movement.


Key Topics:

·     Why Oliver is tackling the stigma around mental health (1:27)

·     What led to Oliver’s PTSD (2:40)

·     Why Oliver waited so long to look for help (5:20)

·     Addressing the issue of the stigma around mental health (6:32)

·     Why Oliver started a podcast (11:04)

·     What to expect from Oliver’s episodes (13:25)

·     The biggest lesson Oliver learned from launching his podcast (19:49)

·     Oliver shares details around the mental health charity he works with (20:50)

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