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Laravel - from the evolution of monolithic applications to the revolution of fully decoupled systems: The future of application development in Laravel (with VILT and TALL)- Part 3
Episode 6719th May 2021 • Tag1 Team Talks | The Tag1 Consulting Podcast • Tag1 Consulting, Inc.
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In our final installment of our series on Laravel, Senior Software Engineer Laslo Horvath and Managing Director Michael Meyers talk about the future of application development, and Laravel’s role in that future. 

Laravel’s strengths include a strong push towards reusable components. This methodology enables developers and designers to take advantage of using the things they need and leave everything else behind. Laravel-based stacks enable website builders to more easily switch from developer to designer, and back. 

Application development in Laravel is growing rapidly. Integrations with other software are common, and they’re bringing tools together that help developers work together more smoothly and efficiently. VILT (Vue.js, Inertia, Laravel, TailwindCSS) and TALL (TailwindCSS, Alpine.js, Laravel, Livewire) combinations really start to highlight the potential of these packages in concert.