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TWP 028: Christina Schnellmann - Knowing What You’re Made Of
Episode 2824th September 2018 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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This week on The We Podcast my guest is Christina Schnellmann. Let me just begin by saying that I was completely mesmerized by her story. Christina is a wife, mom of three boys, and entrepreneur. For years she felt a tug at her heart that she was made for a larger purpose, but felt unsure of what direction she should take. She takes us through a course of events that led her to today and her ability to understand what she is indeed capable of.

These events include her brothers survival of being a victim of the Columbine School Shooting, all the way to December of 2016, when her mentally ill mom and brother disappeared from their homes in Colorado. It wasn’t until 6 months later, she received a life changing phone call from a stranger informing her that her brother was living homeless in the streets of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. With her older brother by her side, Christina headed to search for her brother in hopes to return him and her mom home safely to the U.S. This journey, forever marked her heart. And we are so blessed that she is sharing it with us. This is the longest episode I have ever done… and believe me you must listen to the very end!

I am just blown away by Christina and her light and heart. She believes if you are given a set of experiences, especially if you can see a theme, you have an obligation to share in these experiences so others might seek comfort, empowerment, strength or an ability to grieve because of what you have shared. I couldn’t agree more!

We are SO blessed she shared with us! This is her first time sharing her story publicly, and there is no doubt this won’t be her last. Just a heads up to check out the photo for the podcast which is of Christina and her brother (Mark) taken the day after they found him in the Benito Menni Clinic. So much is captured in this amazing photo!

If you would like to connect with Christina you can find her on Facebook (Christina Taylor Schnellmann).

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