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Rock Star Secrets to Branding Brilliantly for Entrepreneurs Like You
Episode 1912th May 2022 • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner
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Branding brilliantly, like a rock star, might sound like something that’s out of reach for a small or mid-size business. But today’s guest says it’s not. When we come back, discover how you can message your business in a way that is both fresh and unique.

What You’ll Discover About Branding Brilliantly (highlights & transcript):

* The difference between branding, marketing and advertising

* The difference between branding and branding brilliantly

* What keeps us from branding brilliantly

* How to conquer obstacles that keep us from branding brilliantly

* How to differentiate yourself in the process of branding brilliantly

* Best ways to start branding brilliantly

* AND much more.

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Guest: Ann Bennett

Ann Bennett is the founder of, an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach and Brand Profit Builder. Ann uses her marketing and branding genius to help women entrepreneurs (and a few good men) build their STAND OUT personal brands and boost their profits.

Ann works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who do transformational work, so they can liberate and ignite their unique genius, authentic voice and build a profitable brand platform.

Ann has 25 years’ experience in visual and graphic design and has brought her talents to many major magazines from Popular Mechanics to Vogue.

Ann’s personal slogan and the cornerstone of all her programs is, “It’s smart to fit in…but it’s brilliant to stand out.”

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