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Ep. 154 - The Sacredness of Being Single with Lindsey Simcik
Episode 1544th October 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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We’re doing more solo episodes to connect with all of you in #ALMOST30NATION, and today Lindsey is here with an intimate conversation all about the sacredness of being single. And even if you’re in a relationship, we know you will get a lot out of this episode as well.  The feeling of lonliness can visit us at any time– but being alone doesn’t have to be a time that you rush through or wish away. You can learn to collaborate with that energy to create something special!


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This episode includes…


  • How Lindsey grew up

  • Never being allowed to have a boyfriend

  • A Peter Pan freakout

  • AIM crushes

  • Lindsey’s first kiss

  • The relationships that were modeled in Lindsey’s childhood & what she grew to expect

  • Lindsey’s college relationship

  • The chaos of your early 20s

  • What comes up inside ourselves when we feel alone

  • The gifts and opportunities to collaborate that manifest in your time being single

  • This time is the main event

  • Creating rituals


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