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Individualized Nutrition, Mouth Taping Pros and Cons, Intermittent Fasting: A Roundtable Discussion with Jay and the Leading Ladies of Health and Fitness Podcasting!
8th August 2022 • Hanu Health • Hanu Health, Inc.
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This episode is near and dear to my heart, for it fulfills a long-seated desire I've had when I got into the podcasting game years and years ago.

The one thing that I've really wanted out of my podcast, but also just in general, is a lot more powerful female voices in the fields of health and wellness, performance, and biohacking. So when I had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable podcast, I immediately knew three incredible women who would make for a really good, well-rounded discussion.

Mental health, wellbeing and stress impacts both males and females. But in the health and wellness community, a lot of the time the strategies and therapeutics are more pointed towards males. So for me, this episode scratches my own itch because conversations like these are such an underserved thing in our community.

Let's meet our esteemed guests on today's Roundtable Podcast - the first of what we hope will be many such podcasts in the future!

  1. Renee Belz and Lauren Sambataro - The Biohacker Babes Podcast
  2. Mollie McGlocklin - Sleep Is a Skill Podcast

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Deep Question #1: What did you eat for breakfast today?...10:30
  • The importance of rotating foods in and out of the diet...16:16
  • Differing viewpoints on mealtimes and eating patterns...24:40
  • The ideal time to break your fast each day...36:12
  • Listener question: Pros and cons of using mouth-tape while sleeping...48:30
  • The folly of mindlessly copying your favorite health and fitness influencer for personal health decisions...57:40
  • And much more!

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