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Blue Rupees Episode 41 - The Biggest Gaming Stories of 2019, Detective Pikachu, and Reggie
Episode 412nd January 2020 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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What’d we play: 00:13:00

What’d we buy: 00:24:20

Trivia: 00:51:00

Biggest news of 2019:

Movies: 01:20:20

Detective Pikachu got released

Sonic got redesigned

Doom Annihilation

Uncharted got stopped again

Keanu showing up at Microsoft’s conference: 01:40:25

Microsoft games show up on Switch: 01:42:00

Apex Legends got dropped outta nowhere: 01:52:00

Bungie has split from Activision: 01:54:00

Blizzard and Hong Kong: 01:55:30

Google Stadia has launched/Project X-Cloud is being tested: 02:00:00

Epic Game Store battling with Steam for exclusives: 02:03:00

Reggie Fils-Aime and Shaun Layden left Nintendo and Sony: 02:04:30

Cusp of new consoles: 02:09:00