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Managing Seasonality with Kiley Peters
Episode 7030th August 2023 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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This episode dives right into the heart of what Kiley is most passionate about: setting goals and making them work for the life you want to build. Through a lens of personal experience, she sheds light on the process of goal setting and goal timelines, and explores some take-aways she had from the book "10X Is Easier Than 2X," by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin P. Hardy.

Kiley maps out the phases of a business - from the challenging first year of just keeping afloat to the bustling growth seen between years five to ten. But it’s not all about business. Life has its seasons too, and she underscores the importance of aligning the two. When our business objectives support our personal milestones, business and life feel much more rewarding.

This is an episode that will challenge you to think differently about goal setting and how to strategically align your business goals with your life's ambitions.


  • "The seasons of our life and our business are interconnected." (1:56 | Kiley)
  • "We should be utilizing our businesses to support our lives, not running our businesses and then trying to live our life when we can find the time." (17:19 | Kiley)
  • "What are your seasons? What are your seasons in business? What are your seasons in life? And are you prioritizing your seasons in life?" (22:14 | Kiley Peters)


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