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012 Joshua Christopherson - Employee Motivation, Overcoming Mental Limitations & Becoming Your Best Self
Episode 1212th July 2022 • SaaS Fuel • Jeff Mains
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CEO at Achieve Today and Co-Founder of, Joshua Christopherson, joins the show to share his over twenty years’ experience in Education Technology.

Today, Jeff and Joshua discuss Joshua’s passion for cultivating a premier corporate culture. Joshua speaks to the value of one-on-one coaching, best practices for gamification and employee motivation and the importance of overcoming mental blocks and limited belief systems.

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Key Takeaways

01:21 – Jeff introduces today’s guest, Joshua Christopherson, who joins the show to discuss his background in Education Technology and the inspiration to launch iCUE Technology

08:35 – The value of one-on-one coaching

10:54 – Strategies for increasing engagement

20:52 – Gamification and employee motivation

25:18 – Overcoming conscious and unconscious blocks and limited beliefs

29:41 – Be interested, not interesting

32:11 – Joshua speculates on the future of employee engagement and education

35:17 – What inspires Joshua to be his best self

35:55 – Joshua lets listeners know where to learn more about iCUE and teases an exciting offer

Tweetable Quotes

“We knew that the one way to make people successful was to hold them accountable, give them a coach - just like most successful people have - and train them through these challenges.” (06:47) (Joshua)

“What we did was we essentially created an AI - we call it a virtual coach, iCUE - and what happens is an employee can come in the platform and they can spend maybe fifteen seconds going through this iCUE assessment telling them how they are feeling, some of the challenges they’re struggling with in their career, or at school, or in their business.” (13:19) (Joshua)

“Really at its simplest form, our software is an elegant way to deliver content and train.” (17:30) (Joshua)

“One cool thing with the software - the virtual coach - they can go on the platform and say, ‘Hey, here’s a couple of areas I’m struggling with at work.’ Whether it’s dealing with conflict, or troubles at home, or focus. And the virtual coach can suggest those things and help to solve those problems. We’ve seen employees having challenges resolved that their company didn’t even know they were facing.” (20:17) (Joshua)

“It doesn’t matter where we are in life or what we’ve done. We have these things - sometimes consciously and, as you suggested, sometimes unconsciously - that are stuck in our minds that hold us back. Whatever it is, being able to overcome those challenges is what makes some of the greatest people the most successful.” (25:18) (Joshua)

“How your mindset is outside of work plays a lot into your company’s bottom line.” (32:45) (Joshua)

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