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4 Tips to Better Position Yourself In This Bear Market
Episode 3415th November 2022 • Dollar Wise Podcast • HFM Investment Advisors, LLC
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You already know that markets are declining so much that we are in bear market territory. But, what’s the right thing to do? Stop investing? Sell the stock you have? Will the market come back soon? 

We answer the key questions on your mind about the 2022 market crash and share 4 ways you can make and save money during this market downturn. 

Tune into this episode to learn: 

  • Tips to grow your money when the market is down 
  • How to unlock 10 years' worth of tax savings 
  • The worst thing you can do when the market is down 


What we discussed

(00:48) Will the market recover?

(02:25) “I don’t have time to wait for the market to recover” OR "How long does it take for bear markets to recover?"

(04:11) 4 tips to make and save money when the market is down 

(04:11)  Tip 1: tax loss harvesting 

(07:04) Tip 2: Roth conversions

(08:54) Tip 3: rebalancing

(10:52) Tip 4: what to do if you have cash right now

(13:38) NEVER do this when the market is down 

3 Things To Remember 

  1. Whenever the market is down, we must start with the assumption that it will come back and recover at some point. History teaches us that this is the case. Believing history is our best bet. 

  1. Historically, bear markets take around a year and a half to return to where they were. 

  1. Just because the market is down doesn’t mean you can’t use that opportunity to your advantage. Some strategies to make and save money during a bear market include tax loss harvesting, Roth conversions, and rebalancing. 

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