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Consciously Creating Highly Motivated Hybrid Teams - Interview With Jenny Ainsworth
Episode 2118th June 2021 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Wondering how to keep your hybrid team motivated, when they feel like ships-in-the-night?

Or how to build consensus on what hybrid working should look like when everyone has different needs?

Or how to build flexibility into your leadership style, so you can inspire your team to get results, no matter what is going on, without leaving them feeling burnt out?

Join me for this interview with Jenny Ainsworth, Leadership And Motivation Consultant. In this inspirational session, we cover:

  • What does it take to inspire and motivate a team, without turning into 'Tigger'?
  • What is a 'team charter'? And how why is it an essential element of the shift to hybrid working?
  • How can you help team members to feel involved and heard, rather than resentful at hybrid decisions being 'imposed'?
  • What is the absolute key to leading a highly motivated team?
  • What are Jenny's 'three little words' which need to form the heart of all leadership decisions?

Show notes and further resources: