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Ep 97 - A Guide To Using Video For Small Business Marketing Success
Episode 9730th May 2023 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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In this episode, we dive into the incredible power of video for OT businesses and how it can revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts. 

Join us as we welcome special guests Brooke and Stephen Herrera, the masterminds behind Be Well Creative, who bring their expertise in video production to the forefront. 

Discover why a strong video presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube is essential for your OT business, as this dynamic duo share remarkable insights and real-life examples that will transform your marketing strategies.

Their journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, emphasizing the importance of planning and goal-setting for sustainable growth.

💡Key Takeaways💡

✅ Explore the endless possibilities that video offers for your OT business, as we shed light on the remarkable benefits and how you can maximize its impact.

✅ Gain insights into crafting impactful video content. Define your target audience, establish clear goals, and track metrics for success that align with your business objectives.

✅ Learn why prioritizing customer satisfaction is a smart strategy, promoting long-term loyalty and resilience during uncertain times.

✅ Leave a lasting impression and build meaningful connections by diversifying your communication channels beyond social media and email. 

… and so much more!

Tune in to this power-packed episode and take your OT business to new heights with the magic of video and unlock the secrets to video marketing success!

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