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EPISODE 001 | What is happening
Episode 120th April 2020 • RANGE • Range
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Starting a podcast maybe isn't the first thing you'd imagine doing four-plus weeks into a nationwide lock down, but we're all working through this in our own way, okay?

It's been an almost indescribably dark time for many people across the world, and there isn't currently an end in sight. But maybe there's something to be found in this utterly brutal but also unprecedented month that can give us some hope for the future and, more importantly, a path to get there.

Not a lot is clear right now, but one thing seems clear: we can't just return to normal. We have to imagine something much, much better.

Writer, organizer and occasional journalist Luke Baumgarten locks himself in his attic for a week or so and emerges with ... whatever this is.

NOTE: Luke is definitely a professional audio technician and natural vocal performer. You should 100% assume that any sound issues or gross/strange vocalizations are completely intentional.