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Pipeline Comics - Augie De Blieck Jr. EPISODE 75, 14th July 2021
Collecting Spirou

Collecting Spirou

There are parallels between the North American and Franco-Belgian publishing market. Take, for example, the way serialized stories are collected into larger volumes in addition to albums. This is the story of how Jean Dupuis took the unsold issues of Le Journal de Spirou and created a secondary market for them that helped grow the brand.

It's a model that would be repeated by Spirou's competition. I did a whole article explaining how it worked for Pilote Journal, for example, complete with video.

I hope to get a hole of a Spirou collection someday so I can do something similar with it. For now, this podcast will have to do.

Learning French: I'm using DuoLingo for learning French. Let's be friends! My streak is now past 555 days! La pharmacie west ouvert.

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