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End Myopia (Near Sighted): Interview with Jake Steiner
Episode 3120th February 2021 • The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community • Sara and Les Raymond
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What if I told you your eyesight could IMPROVE with age? In this episode, Les chats with Jake Steiner from Jake has uncovered the unrecognized driver of myopia and how are daily habits can influence and and even reverse the process. We have more control over our eyesight than we have been led to believe. This is empowering information that we can all benefit from. Enjoy the show!

About Jake: 20 years ago he began a journey to reverse his -5.00 diopter myopia. It took a great deal of experimenting and trial and error to apply theoretical concepts found in clinical journals and peer reviewed studies, though he eventually managed get back his natural 20/20 eyesight. is established as a resource to offer myopes the opportunity to explore science, vision biology, and optics that affect their eyesight. They advocate an evidence based approach to understand myopia and methods to control it.

Using endmyopia tools, a large number of myopes* have reported significant reductions in diopter dependence with many even achieving natural 20/20 eyesight.

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