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Facts vs Stories
Episode 2528th February 2023 • Mentally Stronger • Melli O'Brien
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Do you ever beat yourself up over how much money is in your bank account? Maybe you spiral into worry or self-doubt when a potential partner doesn’t get back to you about a date? 

These situations could be examples of prioritising stories over facts.  

If you’re left with $2, maybe you sit thinking about how you’re terrible with money and you’ll always struggle when, the simple fact is just that you have $2. 

When a date stands you up or fails to reply, you could be left thinking that you’ll always be alone, you’re unattractive or that your date hates you. But, the fact is, they simply haven’t contacted you yet. 

If we look at challenging events in our lives at face value, we can save ourselves stress, worry and anxiety and build towards a future of greater mental strength. 

On this episode of Mentally Stronger, I explore the importance of seeing the differences between facts and stories.  

Facts about our lives are often coloured by our beliefs, judgements and experiences. But sometimes we need to get back to the bare bones of the situation and approach our problems objectively. 

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