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Hydroponics 101 – a guide for beginners
Episode 659th March 2021 • Farmer's Inside Track • Food For Mzansi
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In this week’s episode of Farmer’s Inside Track…Hydroponics 101 – a guide for beginners. Put simply: Hydroponics is a way to skip the soil, sub in a different material to support the roots of the plant, and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water. Cool right!

Nigerian farmer and founder of USAIFA Agro-Allied, a farm focused on practicing and promoting zero waste agriculture, Usman Lawan unpacks - Why he think the future of farming is not farming. 

Farmers choose Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek as their book of the week

As we continue to put all our efforts into the fight against Covid-19 to save lives and the South African economy, we can't ignore a second epidemic that is threatening half a million jobs in the beef industry - bovine brucellosis! Economist Lunathi Hlakanyane argues that we need to be vaccinating for bovine brucellosis too. 

And Eastern Cape grain farmer Sinelizwi Fakade gives us the 101 about building retailer and supplier relationships. 




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