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179. Shelise Keum Mee Gieseke: "Head of Operations at Adoption Mosaic"
4th June 2024 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Shelise Keum Mee Gieseke (s/hers) is the head of operations at Adoption Mosaic. She has worked in the adoption community as an editor, educator, and administrator for over 10 years, including editing and curating the blog Land of Gazillion Adoptees and the online magazine Gazillion Voices. Shelise is also an intercountry Korean, interracial adoptee who was adopted as an infant by a white family and raised on a farm in Minnesota. She has three siblings who are biological children of her adoptive parents. She has searched for but is not in reunion with her Korean family. Shelise lives in Portland, OR and is parenting two biological biracial children with her husband. 

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