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Law of Transformation
Episode 4812th November 2021 • The Alchemy Experience • Christopher Lembke
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Mark Boldizar, co-author of “Unleash Your Future” and co-founder of “New Science of Success”, joins us to talk about the Law of Transformation and how you really go about manifesting your reality. His work is beyond the gimmicky world of the Law of Attraction systems that promises instant riches, you put in the effort and the work and you reap the rewards.

If you are new to empowering and manifesting your life, then Mark is the best starting point. If you have tried and succeeded or failed with the plethora of Law of Attraction systems out there, Mark's system will add the missing pieces to create sustainable success in your manifestation practice.

Mark's book "Unleash Your Future" is an equally valuable read for the esoteric as well as the analytic. He co-authored the book with Takara Shelor and they each come at the practice from either perspective, but with the same process. You can find out more about Takara and Mark at



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