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From rags to riches - Interview with Olga Kirshenbaum
Episode 4515th September 2020 • Beyond the Hustle | The Happy, Wealthy and Free Entrepreneur • Lydia Sophia Wilmsen
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045 - From rags to riches - Interview with Olga Kirshenbaum

In today's episode I interview Olga Kirshenbaum, the money whisperer, money coach for creatives and founder of Rags to Riches Consulting.

We talked about all things money, from money management, budgeting, to money mindset and money personalities. She shared super useful tipps and tricks for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and for those who are already in the 6 and 7figure range. We dove into questions around being able to make money and still never having money. And she shared the differences between being rich and having wealth.

I highly recommend this episode to you, whether you are struggling with money or already feel quite comfortable.

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Enjoy the episode and much love!

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