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Why Long-Form Content Marketing Is Not Dead
Episode 183rd June 2021 • Public Sector Marketing Show • Joanne Sweeney
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Long-form content is dead. If I had a euro for every time I heard this, well I wouldn’t be presenting this show! But I am and I am here to convince you that long-form content is alive and well and in fact should be front and centre of your digital marketing strategy. 

Content is the sweet spot between your goals and a citizens need. 

Content is the bridge that builds public trust. 

Content is the reason that citizens act embrace policy and legislative changes. 

Content is king and long-form content is queen! 

Coming up in Episode 18 of the Public Sector Marketing Show:

  • It’s time you gave your citizens a reason to listen   
  • Why I recommend long-form content every time for my clients  
  • I interview Allan Mulrooney, Head of Communications at the Western Development Commission about their long-form content marketing strategy 
  • And I give you 20 long-form content marketing ideas!


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