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What Is The Role Of A SBL?
Episode 203rd August 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Cheryl Campbell, Kemi Arogundade and Helen Burge from ABBLed join me for the third and final part of a special series of podcasts discussing the hot topics that SBLs are dealing with right now.

In Part 3, we're talking about what the role of SBL is all about, the three core elements – day to day, reactionary and strategic - how to unpack the ISBL standards, the SBL role in relation to change and developing culture and why you’re actually more strategic than you think…

The episode at a glance:

[1:57] Kemi talks about the three strands of the SBL role - day-to-day, the reactionary, and the strategic – and the panel talk about how they got into the role 

[12:12] – We talk about the craziness of acronyms in education and discuss the benefits of being a school governor

[15:30] Cheryl talks about her live CV and how it helps her track and record her achievements 

[21:01] Kemi and Cheryl talk about the energy levels required for the role 

[24:37] – We talk about what post-pandemic life might look like for the role of SBL

[30:43] – Cheryl and Helen talk about leading on broader and emerging areas such as sustainability 

[34:25] – We discuss how to use the ISBL standards as a self-evaluation tool

[39:50] – We talk about the role of SBL as change catalyst and delve deeper into equality, diversity and inclusion

[51:53] – The  group sums up the top take-aways from this episode

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