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The Australian Mobile DJ - Lee Bevington EPISODE 9, 23rd August 2020
Michael "Mimo" Banovic - Bowen's Entertainment Albury
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Michael "Mimo" Banovic - Bowen's Entertainment Albury

DJ Bevo talks to Michael "Mimo" Banovic from Bowen's Entertainment Albury.

"I've read that the first line of the summary should be engaging, creative and witty.

I'd rather be truthful, honest and sincere. I may not have the mumbo-jumbo management speak down yet but I'm working on it.

I guess this is where I tell you about myself.

When I sell an item I make sure the customer is fully aware of what it's capabilities are. Both positive and negative. They should know. If I know, so should they. They're buying it!

In a sales driven world I like to think that my knowledge can help people make educated decisions.

When I have my Entertainer hat on I'm not selling an item or commodity. I'm selling myself.

A complete stranger is entrusting me with coordination elements of the most important day of their life. Their wedding day or once in a lifetime event. Let's face it, you only have one 21st, one 50th and hopefully one wedding. Don't they say "for better or for worse" in the official bit?

You're saying "But you're just a DJ", no, I'm well beyond the confines of button mashing music machines. People are my passion. Their emotions are the fuel that drives me to create, develop and design their once in a lifetime event.

I love to interact with strangers. Many say I would have a wide personal bubble that draws people in.

I guess you have to meet me to find out."