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Once in a Lifetime Profits by Investing in Silver with David Morgan
Episode 2720th November 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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  • To make sure we maximize profits without being overcome by greed
  • How to take advantage of silver, precious metals and mining stocks in this secular bull market
  • Why David is so confident with silver being in even higher demand in the near future
  • How to protect our wealth while heavily manipulated economy rapidly changes


  • David is widely-recognized analyst in the precious Metals industry and consults for hedge funds, high net-worth investors, mining companies, depositories and buy-and investors
  • He is the founder and publisher of the Morgan Report, a world Class publication designed to help you build and secure your wealth
  • He is the author of the Silver Manifesto and a featured speaker at investment conferences all over the world
  • David's explains his gratitude for good health the ability to implement life on his own terms
  • David's book "Second Chance" details the opportunity that is unfolding before us in this precious metals boom
  • Why we must avoid a "round-trip" of a stock market cycle
  • How the time value of money can affect our future wealth and why its so important over the coming years
  • David gives his thoughts on real estate and cryptocurrencies
  • He who controls the value of money, controls the masses
  • David discusses that technology will not save us. More complex societies have more complex vulnerability
  • When demand outstrips supply in physical silver, investors typically move to mining stock’s as an alternative and to remain in the game
  • David discusses how The Morgan Report researches thousands of mining stocks, to select only a few qualifiers, using his 40+ years of experience in this field
  • David and Bryce discuss the upcoming U.S presidential election
  • Millennial's partially see what's going on, and experiences seem to mean more to them, than the value of physical things
  • David explains the ultimate freedom lifestyle.
  • Bryce and David's offer a special giveaway of David’s book Silver Manifest
  • David gives his 2 cents on digital currencies
  • Bryce explains why he’s a subscriber to
  • David inspired freedom hackers to start giving random acts of kindness