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Get the Most Out of Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo - With Tanner Brandt [E123]
Episode 12325th February 2024 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Autotech

Matt Fanslow and Tanner Brandt discuss the nuances of automotive training and education. They emphasize the importance of selecting relevant classes that address specific areas of struggle within the industry, such as diagnosing parasitic battery drains. They highlight the complexities of troubleshooting and the limitations of current diagnostic tools, underscoring the need for better vehicle monitoring. The conversation also touches on the importance of networking and knowledge sharing, as well as the value of stepping out of one's comfort zone to explore new areas of learning at training events.

  • Importance of selecting classes and getting the most out of training events in the automotive industry
  • Choosing classes based on areas of struggle and seeking advice from experienced instructors
  • Different phases of attending training events
  • Value of soft skills and communication courses in the automotive industry
  • Impact of quality training programs offered by NAPA
  • Importance of ongoing training to keep up with evolving vehicle technology
  • Importance of specialized training, particularly in the area of electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Value of specialty classes focused on specific vehicle brands
  • Importance of networking and staying engaged during training events
  • Challenges faced in diagnosing automotive issues, particularly related to parasitic battery drains

Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Autotech

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