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9 | The Quest for Inner Success with Alexis Neely
2nd November 2015 • Her Self: IFS & Spiritual Entrepreneurship • Sara Avant Stover
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In 2009, Alexis Neely (whose artist name is Ali Shanti) knew something was wrong. Very wrong. She built multiple million dollar businesses, drove a fancy car, and lived in a posh neighborhood. Yet, it had been a long, long time since she had cried. This realization led her on a path of massive transformation. She listened to these inner cures and let her team go, dismantled her business, and moved her family to a farm in Colorado. If you're an ambitious woman on a mission, Ali's words will move you. She speaks candidly about external versus internal success, her struggle with not identifying solely with her worldly achievements, and her desire to leave a legacy-- beyond just a financial one-- by being a mother to the world. Alexis Neely s a new economy expert who offers a fresh perspective for your personal finance, business & life decisions. She graduated first in her class from Georgetown law and quickly scaled the ranks of "successful" entrepreneurship, built multiple million dollar entrepreneurial endeavors both online and off, wrote a best-selling book, and appeared on numerous top-rated television shows. Today, Ali lives a new economy life as the CEO of two “share the wealth” companies and lives in community with her life partner, her ex-husband, kids and extended chosen family while traveling extensively. Visit her online at I hope you enjoy our conversation! Come right this way to order your copy of The Book of SHE at When you register your receipt there before October 30, you’ll receive an invitation to join a complimentary online women’s yoga & meditation class, as well as a live Q & A, with Sara, to help support you as you begin your own Heroine's Journey.

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