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When Business Collides with Law with Phil Clandrino
Episode 1428th September 2022 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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This week, Amy welcomes guest Phil Clandrino to The Performance Mindset Podcast. Phil is the CEO and lead attorney at Forward Law Firm. Forward Law Firm handles both business and commercial real estate law. Amy knows Phil very well and for quite some time. His mentorship and support as a legal and business advisor have been a driving force in Amy’s success.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Phil’s background and how he landed in the field of real estate law.
  2. One of his most memorable entrepreneurial experiences and what it taught him about owning his own business.
  3. How his brand stands out from other law firms and what makes Forward Law firm different.
  4. What business owners struggle to understand the most and how they can address those issues upfront to avoid legal fees later.
  5. Phil’s secret superpower, how he continues to challenge himself professionally, and the materials he recommends to help develop a process for entrepreneurship.

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