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Rescripting Employee Experiences with Lindsey Caplan #64
Episode 6420th July 2022 • The HR L&D Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Did you know that organizational change fails 70% of the time?

In the episode, Nick Day is joined on The HR L&D Podcast sofa by screenwriter turned Organizational Psychologist Lindsey Caplan, who helps organizations script and re-script employee experiences to help HR and business leaders script their change efforts for the effect they want.

Lindsey Caplan is an organizational psychologist and communication strategist. She helps HR, Marketing, and Business Leaders script employee experiences that help boost morale, engagement, and retention for the long term via her consultancy, The Gathering Effect.

Lindsey began her career as a comedy writer in Hollywood on shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Malcolm in the Middle. She then started scripting for education companies like DreamWorks Animation and McKinsey.

These experiences helped Lindsey to develop her career to become an organizational Psychologist and Head of Talent Development for successful silicon valley companies like Zendesk, Credit Karma, and Flexport.

The lessons she has learned along the way have helped her to develop a proprietary method she now uses help HR leaders understand why the change they want isn’t being embraced and what to do instead.

In this “Rescripting Employee Experiences” episode with Lindsey Caplan on The HR L&D Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What do the words Human Resources mean to you?
  2. How do you help organizations define, diagnose, and adjust their gatherings to bring people together, maximise employee engagement and help ensure that organisational change programmes stick?
  3. What do you mean by gatherings?
  4. Why are gatherings often poor at resulting in change that sustains?
  5. What is “the gathering effect”?
  6. What is the difference between push and pull, or the “one size fits all versus personalized gatherings” and their effects on outcome & culture?
  7. What are the characteristics that lead to gatherings that last?
  8. Did the recent pandemic reveal any new insights?
  9. Are there any common gathering and change management pitfalls?
  10. What are the Change management and communication best practices you can share with our HR and L&D Listeners?

Links highlighted in this “Rescripting Employee Experiences” episode are included below:

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Thanks for listening, folks – I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the HR L&D Podcast real soon!