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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 43, 21st May 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Erik Mansur, Crayon
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Product Marketing Insider | Erik Mansur, Crayon

This week on Insider we’re joined by Erik Mansur, VP of Product Marketing at Crayon for an unmissable chat about all things PMM. Erik shares his fascinating career journey to date, why he’s so passionate about the role, a standard day in the life at Crayon, which teams he interacts with most, the beauty of being a PMM at a startup, the PM-PMM relationship, and tons more, plus, a special treat for listeners of Insider...


"I think it's imperative for people who want to break into the product marketing industry to start doing some research, putting themselves through 101 and 201 and 301 courses on their own, to be able to have those conversations and be able to speak fervently about the role that them as a new and young, as an up and coming product marketer should have within the company that they're currently a part of."