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There’s No Reason for Manufacturing to Fear the Cloud
Episode 108015th February 2023 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Building a modern tech stack isn’t a task – it is a journey. With so much changing outside of companies, it takes real courage to drive digital change internally, especially for companies in the manufacturing space.

This interview brings together an all-star panel. Howard Lo has over 20 years of tech leadership experience and is a Vice President at DataON. Todd Jensen is a Field Sales Manager at Intel Corporation. He has worked in the tech industry since 1996 and has spent the last seven years at Intel focused on partnering with Microsoft to grow their joint business with Azure Edge customers and channels. Christina Cardoza is the Editorial Director at, a global publication that features a wide variety of companies across the Intel Partner Alliance.

In this episode, Howard, Todd, and Christina join co-hosts Scott Luton and Kevin L. Jackson to discuss the unique technology-related challenges – and opportunities – facing manufacturers today:

• How manufacturers can modernize their infrastructure by leveraging the benefits of cloud through a hybrid cloud infrastructure

• Separating tech needs from data quality issues, and doing so in a way that allows companies the flexibility they need

• Why hybrid cloud capabilities may be the perfect way for manufacturers to transition from on-prem hosting to the cloud

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