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The Power of Plant Based Diets with Jeff Hahler & Bev Martin
Episode 5111th August 2021 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Hi everyone! A note for this episode- due to some technical difficulties this episode ends rather abruptly.

Introduction to Episode

Jeff Hahler & Bev Martin explain their reasons for being vegans as well as living a healthy life doing so.

Podcast Episode Summary

Jeff Hahler & Bev Martin both live their lives as vegans eschewing any products made from animals. They break down their path to veganism and reasoning both for personal and moral reasons ranging from the health benefits of focusing on a plant based diet as well as the ethical treatment of animals. Making sure they keep their values well in line with what they deem most important.

They also take the time to explain how they are best able to navigate a meat-centric world with their diet choices, socializing with friends, and how best to make the most informed decisions. They lay out their well reasoned and practical approach with suggestions, methodologies, and humorous personal anecdotes.


"I always believed that all people are equal... why are animals any different?"

"The way that you want to eat is fine but the most important thing is to do research on what you are eating."

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