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250 | Disentangling Family Financial Patterns with Judy Wilkins-Smith
Episode 2509th May 2023 • ICONS with Ava Johanna • Ava Johanna
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I have a feeling in today's episode you are going to hear about something that you have potentially never heard about before. Judy Wilkins-Smith is a world renowned family patterns, systemic work and constellations expert. She's a motivational speaker and author offering guidance to disentangling the financial patterns that aren't working and transforming your money DNA. This is a fresh perspective on the conversation around money, identifying what your money patterns are, and maybe some of the unconscious money habits that you've inherited from your family. 

Judy breaks down how impactful this work can be, its practical implementation, and how you can use it to identify your own patterns and subconscious limitations to your personal evolution. In this episode, Judy explains her process for making the invisible visible to have huge “Aha” moments that uncover subconscious patterns and gives you practical steps for rewiring your brain to tap into your ultimate potential. 

I’ve been diving into this work recently, and have a feeling you will really love this conversation. Judy has helped me start to identify patterns and events that potentially could have come from prior generations, and I can’t wait to see what it will uncover for me. Judy is such a wonderful human being, I'm so grateful that she came on the podcast. I know you’ll learn some new tools to incorporate into your personal development journey and relationship with money in this episode. 

“The minute that you do a systemic piece of work, it begins to do things to the system. It needs just one person to move one degree, and the whole system starts to react, so you have these big shifts. Now the other piece that's important is that you're immediately rewiring your brain. One new thought, one new feeling, one new action. You are rewiring the brain neuro scientifically, you are laying down new neural pathways. That's super important. Epigenetically, you're changing that epigenetic approach to what's happening in your system because the epigenetic imprint is a result of your thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions. So now you are really starting to change the system, and most importantly, you are no longer going to be living ancient history, which is what we do 90% of the time. You're fully present and you're creating a very new future.” - Judy Wilkins-Smith

What we talk about:

  • Figuring out your money DNA
  • What is constellation & family systems work
  • How to reprogram inherited money DNA patterns
  • Harnessing the “knowing” field
  • Epigenetics and creating new neural pathways
  • Doing this work if you don’t know your family
  • Stretching your money potential 
  • Creating future memories
  • Advice for online business entrepreneurs experiencing a “setback”
  • How to grow your money DNA
  • Debt is not what you think it is
  • The importance of language we use when it comes to money

“People say to me, ‘why do you teach money?’ I made money a promise that I would show people that it is kind, wise, a friend, a mentor. It is not all the ugly things it's been made out to be.” - Judy Wilkins-Smith

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