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Systems, Silicon, Software! Empower the Industrial Metaverse with Rev Lebaredian, VP, Omniverse & Simulation Tech at NVIDIA
Episode 277th October 2022 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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The industrial metaverse is coming fast! as digital twins take shape, as exemplified by the 150 enterprises that have already partnered with Nvidia on the Omniverse - the simulation environment catalyzing innovation to build metaverses big and small. In this podcast special we reflect on all the breaking news around the industrial metaverse and Omniverse, fresh from GTC22, with Rev Lebaredian, Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology at NVIDIA. Packed with real-world and multi sectoral examples of impact, we discuss key announcements across:

New Cloud Services to Support AI Workflows & Metaverse 3D environments

Omniverse, Avatar Cloud Engine & Universal Scene Description

New Gen GeForce RTX GPUs – Ada Lovelace Architecture      

Next Gen Neural Graphics and Ray Tracing Technology

Launch of Large Language Model Capabilities

Launch of DRIVE Thor …. & more!

We also cover the power of ecosystem partnership with Siemens, including the fusion of IT & OT to accelerate digitalization, how the development of gaming and enterprise metaverses are galvanizing one another, the role of standardization and the implications for skilling, upskilling and inclusion.

Finally, we take a peak into the future! - thinking of ‘use cases yet to be invented’ and what an ultimate application of the Omniverse might look like! And we would love your thoughts on the episode too - thanks for listening! Sally, Rev and the #TTT Team

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