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318: Relationships in Education with Michael & Nita Creekmore
27th May 2024 • Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast • Gretchen Bridgers | Education Podcast Network
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Dive into insightful conversations with Michael and Nita Creekmore, seasoned educators with over 35 years of combined experience. Join them as they explore the importance of relationships in education, drawing from Michael's counseling background and Nita's instructional coaching expertise. Get practical tips, personal anecdotes, and wisdom from their book, Every Connection Matters.Tune in for actionable strategies, balancing career and family life, and fostering meaningful connections in and out of the classroom.

Quotables *All quotables are from the interviewee 
  • “When you’re building relationships, you have to build trust, and the more you build trust, the more you can...get into [the] why. What is the root behind this?”
  • "...compartmentalize! That's one of the necessary tools to avoid burnout..."
  • ”That’s one of the by-products of having the biggest hearts...we take a lot of stuff home.”

About Michael & Nita

Michael and NIta Creekmore are a married couple both with more than 35 years combined in the field of children and education. Micheal has been in the field of professional counseling for about 16+ years and in school counseling for 5+ years. Nita has been in education for 19+ years. She has been an Instructional Coach for 5+ years and facilitates learning experiences with other educators. Nita and Michael have 4 children and a pup. Together they have Creekmore Conversations in which they facilitate learning experiences around the importance building, maintaining and restoring relationships in education. Together they wrote, Every Connection Matters: Building, Maintaining and Restoring Relationships Inside the Classroom and Out. They have very productive life inside and outside of education. They love what they do. They love having a large family. And, they also believe that having a healthy balance of it all is so important.

Listen to Episode 218 which is when we first interviewed Nita in 2020!

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