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EPISODE 011 | Independence Day (cont)
Episode 1111th July 2020 • RANGE • Range
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Hey! It's the second part of the conversation with Angelique Tomeo and Sabrina Ryan-Helton of the Bail Project. If episode one was about talking about the system and how it destroys people's lives and weakens the fabric of society itself, episode two is more about how we might fight back in the short term by helping bail as many folks as possible out so they can actually claim their rights and fight their cases. 

Just a reminder: there's a supplement to these episodes outlining what happened to crime rates when Spokane let a bunch of people out of jail due to COVID. Really gives some extra urgency to the work.

If you feel moved by this work, make sure to ask to join the Bail Project Spokane's Facebook community. Lots of information and solidarity happens in that space.  

And at Sabrina's request: it's not too late to sign the anti-Killology training petitions. There are two. Here's the first and the second.

Photo illustration by Connor Bacon