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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra EPISODE 47, 3rd November 2020
47. Jugini's, Anyone?
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47. Jugini's, Anyone?

Things are rough out there, so please enjoy a hot and toasty Unnamed Game from Megan, about the best way to keep cool on a hot, hot day!

Ezra presents us with a brand new segment, Lil Tales, designed to torture Megan, and entertain you! Lil Archie is a bad friend, and Pop is a little bit heartless in this one. Also, Jugini is a better name than Jugdini, fight me.

We wrap up with a discussion of Archie television through the years, and the wonderful voice acting of various timelines.

Jugini Recipe (This is untested - and probably bad, try at your own risk!)

2 parts triple sec

7 parts prosecco

1 part simple syrup

Sugar that rim!