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An Educator’s Evolution: Tech-Transformed Teaching with Dr. Phil Hickman
Episode 9826th June 2024 • Mastering Life's Adventures: Being Your Best Self Through Soul Evolution! • Judith Holder
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We are excited to welcome back Dr. Phil Hickman for Part II, focusing on "An Educator's Evolution: Tech-Transformed Teaching." In this episode, Dr. Phil delves deeper into the pressing issues and needed innovative solutions in education. He shares staggering statistics: 70% of children across the United States read below the fourth-grade level. High school dropouts commit seventy-three percent of crimes in the United States. Eighty-two percent of prison inmates have a reading impairment that's never been corrected. And then you have the other aspect: we have a national teacher shortage. This alarming reality underscores the urgent need for transformative change in our educational system, mainly due to children living in a digital ecosystem.

Dr. Hickman brings a wealth of expertise. He discusses his extensive educational background and the systemic deficiencies plaguing public schools. A passionate advocate for educational reform, he introduces one of his groundbreaking initiatives, Plabook. This innovative tool is designed to enhance reading proficiency and accelerate learning for children of all ages—and even adults can benefit from it.

Join us as Dr. Hickman shares his inspiring story and the cutting-edge aspects of Plabook. Discover how technology can revolutionize teaching basic reading to help the next generation achieve their full potential. Don't miss this compelling conversation about the future of education, the critical factor of reading proficiency, and the pivotal role we all play in shaping it.




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