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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 45, 24th December 2020
Lessons Learned from 2020 in Your Holistic Business
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Lessons Learned from 2020 in Your Holistic Business

And what a year it’s been - we’ve all had to make changes to the way we work and live. There have certainly been some challenges but there have also been some amazing lessons learnt.

So, it’s time to reflect on the last year and identify what went well, and what you want to change. Understanding the lessons learned will help you to shape your business for the future and find the clients you love working with.

  • (01:46) What are you most proud of?
  • (03:05) What aspects of your work did you love?
  • (04:02) Which bits didn't you like?
  • (04:54) What ran like clockwork?
  • (05:35) Where have you really struggled?
  • (06:53) Are you earning enough?
  • (07:52) What marketing activities worked?
  • (08:45) Where do you need support in your business?
  • (10:05) Create a plan of action

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