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Boundaries Bring Freedom with Scott Beebe CEO of My Business On Purpose
Episode 2911th July 2023 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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Let the fires burn . . .

As long as they are not a direct threat to the house burning down, most fires will put themselves out.

Many business owners are constantly busy putting out fires instead of focusing on their vision.

Listen to this week's episode of Creating Powerful Impact as Scott Beebe, CEO of My Business on Purpose, shares the importance of having a business vision, values, and mission that also incorporates family. Scott also shares that getting clear on your vision, values, and mission allows you to know which fires to let burn and which ones need your attention.

Scott walks us through how his family created their own mission and how he incorporated that as well as his own personal mission into his business. Hear how Scott supports small business owners to do the same while also taking a step back and letting the small fires burn.

Writer Downers

1) 10:51 Boundaries Bring Freedom

2) 13:10 Stop Being a Superhero and Let it Burn

3) 15:49 Vision Framework - get ready to write these steps down!

Scott Beebe is the founder of and author of Let Your Business Burn: Stop Putting Out Fires, Discover Purpose, And Build A Business That Matters.  Scott hosts the Business On Purpose podcast sharing real stories of how he and the BOP team are working with business owners and their key leaders to build people, purpose, process, and profit using the Business On Purpose Roadmap to liberate businesses from the chaos of working IN their business and help them get their lives back

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