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160: How To Enjoy Doing Business During a Pandemic with Mark Asquith, CEO of Rebel Base Media
30th July 2021 • The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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In Episode 160 of the Beyond Adversity Podcast Mark Asquith talks with Dr Brad Miller about the nature of running a business during the challenges of the pandemic.  j

After working in various positions in technology in his native England for several years Mark started his first podcast based on his love comics in 2013. Before long he was launching his company Rebel Based Media and creating the products Podcast Websites and hosting.

When the covid pandemic shut down the world Mark had to make adjustments in his business as did virtually every business in the world. Mark talks to Dr. Brad about the most important factor in adjusting himself as CEO and the whole of business - attitude.

It all comes down to enjoying what you do in your business even in spite of extraordinary circumstances; like the pandemic.

Mark makes the point that you got to realize that there's no point doing that if you don't enjoy it. Indeed, there is absolutely no point in doing anything at all if you don't enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy your business you're not going to give it your best, you're not going to become the expert in it, you are not going to give it everything, you're not going to be happy to stay up working late or to get up working early, you're not going to want to do any of that. So if you're doing something for any other reason than enjoyment, then you're not going to stick to it you're wasting your time. Mark says if you're going to become a business person, make sure you build a business that you enjoy working in. So then when you start to work on it, it can serve you and give you back what you've put into it.

Episode 160 is a healthy reminder to the business person facing any adversity that you chose to enjoy your work or not so you might as well chose to enjoy your business.

The Beyond Adversity Podcast is published weekly by Dr. Brad Miller and is aimed at helping aspirational professionals crush adverse life events (depression, divorce, debt, disease, death) and emerge to a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.